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Make no mistake about it, we are on the cusp of a tremendous marketing and advertising revolution. In fact, the revolution is already here. More and more offline businesses are being promoted online. If you think this was a luxury a few years ago, think again. Considering how consumer tastes are changing and how the trends in consumer preferences are evolving, it is becoming clear that an online presence for even purely local businesses is no longer just preferred. It is absolutely necessary.

In fact, it’s gotten so crucial that regardless of whether your offline business is a local institution that’s been known in your region over several generations which alone might not be enough. You might have built a solid local brand, but given how mobile technology has made the Internet so pervasive, your competitors might be getting a leg up on you and you might be completely clueless regarding this sea  of change in customer preference.

In other words, for your local business to remain relevant, you need to have an online presence. Increasingly, consumers are beginning to view local businesses regardless of how new they are as more credible if they have an online presence. Whether your local business is one-month old or a hundred years old, it is crucial that you market and advertise your local business online. Sadly, simply putting up a website is not going to cut it anymore. You need to tap several powerful ways to market and advertise your local business. The following steps will show you these online marketing methods for local businesses and walks you through how they work and the benefits they bring to the table.


Social promo marketing

Look at Groupon, there is a segment of social media marketing that focuses primarily on end results. People join notification programs knowing that they will get discount codes or they can sign up for a survey. This is a very powerful way of marketing because, not only do you get to directly promote your product and not have to hide other content-based influence marketing, you also leverage the power of social networks.

Social promo marketing really is increasingly important because more and more consumers are getting very tech savvy. They know how the game works. They are constantly looking for new ways to save. Most importantly, they are more than eager to share discounts codes and other discount schemes that they feel can add value to the lives of people in their social networks.


How does it work?

Social promo marketing is as simple as building a base of people following your social media accounts and sharing discount codes or publishing news of contests. When people following your account see these discount codes, they would share it on their social media accounts and this can have a tremendous reach. People can either print out discount codes and coupons or they can just write them down. Once they go to your offline location, they only need to produce the code to claim a hefty discount.

Similarly, contests involve the interplay between sharing information online and claiming an offline benefit. The good news regarding social promo marketing is that the discounts and the contests premiums don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. They really don’t. In many cases, they can be purely promotional items like t-shirts or even purely digital items. You’d be surprised as to how cost-efficient social promo marketing can be. What’s important is that you need to actively listen to the preferences of your target audience members. Some target audiences require heftier premiums. Others are more than happy with purely symbolic or digital prizes.


Use deals/coupons to incentivize discount codes

The best approach in social promo marketing is to use deals/coupons to incentivize people to push your promo code all over the place. You have to understand that this puts dollars in your pockets almost immediately. Why? When people share promo codes, the people using these codes will only use them if they are actually buying something. In other words, there is an incentive for them to actually take action on your promotions. This is a highly effective marketing approach because you are essentially marketing a specific action instead of just hoping and praying that somebody would use this information at some point down the road.

The key here is to maximize the spread of your discount codes. One common way to do this is to offer extra discounts. The more people share your discount code information, the more extra discounts they could get or the more reward points they rack up. Once they reach a certain point range they can then redeem these points with a specific product. There are many ways you can craft a loyal social promo marketing program. What’s important is you pay attention to your target customers’ feedback so you can engineer the program in such a way that it produces maximum results for as little effort as possible.


Survey/Quiz marketing

The internet is full of survey/quiz websites. If customers looking to earn rewards, Swagbucks is a good place to start to look for a wide variety of rewards. Similarly, if they are looking to earn vouchers, the customers might want to check out Toluna and other such sites. Increasingly, regardless of whatever reward or gift vouchers customers are looking for, there surely be survey sites or quiz sites catering to that niche. This of course offers tremendous marketing opportunities.Survey marketing is all about finding these online resources and either encouraging happy customers to post positive opinion.


Encourage your existing customers to leave surveys on your website

Either through a local promotion or direct encouragement, you should encourage your existing customers to leave surveys for your own local business.This can easily be done.Customers will be happy to participate and you will know how they will respond to your services. This in turn will allow you to segment those people leaving a good and bad reviews.Thus, you can improve your products and services to bring more potential customers to your brand.


In Summary

There are no two ways about it, if you’re still sitting on the fence regarding marketing and advertising your business online, NOW is the time to go online.

Even if your business already has a website, that may be too little, too late. You cannot treat your local business’ online presence as some sort of a cyber calling card. That’s not going to be enough. You need to be proactive in pulling as much traffic from the Internet because either you do it or your competitors will. That’s how far advanced the interplay between online marketing and local business promotion has become, thanks to the pervasiveness of mobile devices which are constantly connected to the Internet.

You need the Internet to work for you instead of against you. Sadly, by procrastinating on actively using the Internet to promote your local business, your local brand might be shaped by online forces that are beyond your control. You might be completely clueless regarding how your brand is being shaped online. You don’t want to find yourself in that situation.


Take action NOW

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