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Four Things You Should Know About Glass Pendants

Four Things You Should Know About Glass Pendants

One of the hottest trends in jewelry making right now is the use of glass pendants as the centerpiece for necklaces, from simple to intricate. Looking at the craftsmanship that goes into the making of some of these favored pieces, it is no wonder that the use of these objects has been referred to in the industry as ‘art in miniature that you can wear’.


As with the majority of fine jewelry components, the manufacturers of glass pendants have taken great pains to make their pieces unique and colorful, and at a price that both hobbyists and master jewelry crafters can afford. It is relatively inexpensive to manufacture, and can be produced in a much wider variety of shapes, sizes and designs, much more than the more expensive materials like crystal and gemstones.

This is not to say that because they are less expensive to make that they have lost any of the quality that is expected in more costly materials. The opposite is more true these days. The top of the line in quality glass has to be Murano, which is still handblown as opposed to molded, even with the current technology. The majority of glass produced these days has a quality level so high that it can easily replace the fine gems and crystals they mimic, but at half the cost.


The quality of the glass pendants made these days is so high that it is the preferred medium of many master jewelry craftspeople, leaving gems and crystals to commissioned works instead of common stock. This preference has a lot to do with the sheer variety of colors available in it. This is not the flat colors that you see in industrial glass, either. No, this glass can be treated and heated to create so many subtle shades and tones in a much wider palette than the industry has ever had access to in the past.


Thanks to advances in today’s manufacture of glass pendants, the amount of designs and styles available will definitely keep jewelry crafters happy for many years to come. There are designs that are so tiny and intricate that you have to wonder how they could produce something so beautiful in such a delicate scale. And, all of it with a quality that rivals gemstones themselves, and the stained glass windows of the oldest cathedrals.

Emotional Triggers

Possibly the best quality of glass pendants overall, they are the best medium to use if you are looking to create a gift or special commission that you want to have an emotional impact when viewed. What teenaged girl wouldn’t sigh in joy when she receives an intricately carved heart from that special someone? And, the little girl that squeals in delight when she gets a pendant made to resemble her favorite My Little Pony? Or, the woman whose eyes well up when gifted with a beautiful glass rose to celebrate an anniversary? Its not the cost that makes an item special or sentimental, it’s the thought that went into the selection of that gift that packs the emotional punch.

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